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Everything Production

We offer state of the art equipment including Drones, Jib/Crane, Steadicam and Fisher 10 Dolly as well as audio and lighting packages for all budgets with a full rage of shooting formats. (HD, 4K & 8K)

Our expert staff includes producers, camera crews, script writers, studio/set designers, location/props managers, correspondents, stylists, sound/video technicians, non-linear editors, graphic designers and project managers. We work closely with our clients and staff to deliver compelling, high quality productions that entertain, inform and influence the target audience.

Our in house marketing team offers a range of services including pre-production idea development, logo creation, still photography, print production and media management.

Our media team specializes in collaborating with clients to provide the best in service, experience, talent and creativity. They have commercial, corporate, network news, episodic and reality television credits.

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